Get Ready To Play Crazy Tower Again and Again


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Tetris has recently been reborn, with the release of a new film dedicated to its introduction into the world. The game has gone on to continue to inspire many creators and players, including the ones behind the brand new Crazy Tower board game. 

Mixing Tetris with Jenga, Crazy Tower sees one to four players going head to head to get rid of all their blocks on the floors, by building up a tower. All whilst trying to not let their structures fall. Something that is made harder by one player’s traitorous ways. 

Kindly, I was gifted the game to play and automatically I wanted to get stuck in. I am a big fan of Jenga, so the game was automatically right up my street. Setting out the brightly coloured pieces, me and my mum went head to head. 

Concentrating hard, we both gave as good as we could, with both of us having to replay each other before admitting the winners of each game. We lost a lot of time to the game, as it was so fun, we didn’t realise how long we had been playing. 

Perfect for all ages, especially those who remember the iconic games mentioned before, everyone will love it. It has that classic feel good factor about it, which will be perfect for after dinner on Christmas Day. Or in a staycation property on the table. 

I loved how easy this was to understand and can’t wait to introduce more players and family members to it. I know my nephew is going to go wild for it once he has a go. 

Thank you so much to the team for allowing me to enjoy it. I can’t wait to play another round already. Fancy one? 

Joey X

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