My March 2023 Meal Plan: Find Out What I Ate Here!


Good Morning Lovelies,

Many of you know that when it comes to trying to change up my diet, I find it really hard. However, this month I have managed to make a few changes. My anorexia hated me for it, I was really body conscious because of them, but I did it. And I am proud of myself for doing so. 

Not a lot of changes were made, but the small additions were important to me and my family. This is something I am definitely trying to think about more. Not punishing myself for not changing a meal, but celebrating the little wins. Slow and steady definitely won the race in March with this meal plan…

Monday: Sweet Potato, Brussels Sprouts, Asda Essentials Stuffing and Hellman’s Mayonnaise -This has been a bit of a regular meal for me, but I love it. The stuffing changes a bit from time to time, but this 25p bargain find is lush and I am really liking it. Plus, I have changed brands of mayonnaise, after the Aldi one went missing for a while. This was a big step for me. 

Tuesday: A Slow Cooker Meal - During the week, I have taken to making a slow cooker meal. This has been shared with my mum very often. Something I wanted to work on doing more of. From rice pudding, vegetable risottos and stews, we have enjoyed a few creative dishes on a Tuesday now. 

Wednesday: A New York Bakery Plain Bagel with Tesco Set Honey, an Apple and Haribo Sweets - To me, this meal is a bit like a school lunch box dinner and it has become one of my favourites. Over the past few weeks, I have tried lots of different set honeys on the bagels, as the Aldi one has disappeared. This is my favourite one of all the supermarket own brands. I’ve also introduced apples back into my life. God I love them so much! I have missed them a lot! I smear a bit of honey on top of them too. As for the Haribo sweets, the addition of one of the little bags I had at Christmas for my advent calendar are lovely. 

Thursday: Cauliflower and Vegetables Bake In A Bag Dish - This is the biggest change to my normal meals. I used to have these a lot, but I got scared of having them and so cut them out. After talking to my mum about wanting to try them again, she has been helping me prepare and enjoy them for the past few weeks. Using the spiced bake in a bags from the supermarkets, we put in a whole cauliflower each and mix up the vegetables every week to try something new. This has widened the vegetables I am having again, including carrots, sugar snap peas and more. I’m so proud of myself for this big change. 

Friday: A New York Bakery Cinnamon and Raisin Bagel with Aldi Apricot Conserve, an Apple and a Go Ahead Fruit Slices Biscuit - Another lunch box type meal, I really love this one too. Cinnamon and raisin bagels are the best in my opinion and no one does them like the New York Bakery ones. Topped with a new conserve I have found from Aldi, I have been braving the apricot flavour this past month. So flavoursome and tasty, I adore it. Again I slice up an apple to go with it and add the conserve to the top of that too. I then add in a Go Ahead Fruit Slices biscuit to finish it off. My favourite kind are the apple ones, but I do love the forest fruit kind as well! 

Saturday: Porridge with Honey - You must all know by now how much I love honey! If it says Rowse on the bottle, I probably have it in my home. Saturday nights are still big bowls of porridge night in my house. I love it thick and chunky, then topped with honey, often the Rowse Dark and Rich kind, which I honestly buy a bottle of every week. The honey is also a great topping for rice pudding too! Watching it run around the bowl is glorious. 

Sunday: Potato and Broccoli Bake with Marigold Vegetable Gravy: Another new addition to my meals is the introduction of gravy. Whilst I don’t feel comfortable having a Sunday roast, I feel like I am having my own version with this bake. My mum preps this for me and I have been loving it since I started enjoying it again at the start of March.

I’ve definitely found March to be the month that I have added in a lot more vegetables. And I’m loving it! It’s made me excited for the spring and summer salads that my mum makes, as I would really like to conquer them this year. She always makes lovely potato ones and I’m hoping to join her in enjoying them. 

What new foods or meals did you try in March? What is your ultimate comfort food lovely? Whatever you enjoyed, I hope that you have it again and again! Now pass me the honey! 

Joey X

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