Matilda The Musical Film Review


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Growing up, my mum was excited to share the film, Matilda, with me. Together, we would often spend Sunday afternoons watching the feature. Snuggled up with the sofa, tucking into chocolates, like Matilda takes from the home of Miss Trunchball. However, we have never seen the musical. So, when a feature film based on that was released, we were excited. 

Starring Emma Thompson and Lashana Lynch, the film takes Dennis Kelly and Tim Minchin’s musical and applies it to the classic Roald Dahl story we all know and love. Captured like a stage product, the film features some of the brightest up and coming stars, in a fun and fantastic manner. Yet, it fails to completely live up to the beauty of the original. 

Stepping into the world famous shoes of Matilda is Alisha Weir, who manages to outshine all of the familiar faces in the feature. Singing, dancing and reenacting the literary heroine in fantastic form, Weir plays the young girl in a way that has secured her as one to watch. Taking on the girl who isn’t afraid to use her mysterious powers for good, as well as a few cheeky moments, Weir provides a new generation with a powerful figure. One with a voice that all should hear. 

Leading the school children around her, they all sing their hearts out. Leaving the songs in your head for days. As does the new portrayal of the classic villain Miss Trunchball by Emma Thompson. No one will have forgotten Pam Ferris’ famous look and talents, yet, Thompson makes for a new figure that young children will never forget either. 

Sharing with audiences a scary figure who will continue to terrify many for years to come. Making Lynch’s Miss Honey even softer and lovable. However, the adult cast members just don’t click in the way you would hope. Something due to how well the originals have stuck with us it seems.

With great music, fantastic sets and brilliant camera shots, there is a new intensity to the story that will entertain the whole family. Yet, for fans of the original, it fails to click in the way that you would hope. A fact that comes from it being just a superb piece of childhood nostalgia and cinema. However, it is definitely one to watch on a cosy Sunday in. 

3 Stars

Joey X

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