The Toy Fair London 2023: Here’s What Happened!


Good Morning Lovelies,

Heading into London on Wednesday, I was ready to become a big kid again. Embarking on an epic journey into the world of the London Toy Fair 2023, it was time to meet and see the newest toys that would be making it onto our shelves in the next few weeks, months and even years in some cases. 

From LEGO to Barbie, the biggest brands were showing it all. For me, it was a perfect time to embrace meeting new people and finding out what my favourite play items would be creating. LEGO coming out top. 

Working our way around the Olympia centre, I was greeted by brands I knew and didn’t know. In fact, it was the brands I didn’t really know that came out on top for me. One being a puzzle and game company, who worked hard to make 3D creations for the event. Including a Friends puzzle, which I won’t lie, I will be buying. 

Bluey was also a main feature for me and I was amazed at some of the new products on offer. Scooters, tents and even in the case of Barbie, a teepee! If I could get down on the floor, I would be housing that now. 

The Toy Project was however the brand that caught my heart the most. After donating a large number of toys, in honour of my dad, to our local hospital last year, I loved the idea that this charity shares. Taking old used toys and redistributing or selling them for charity, they have helped change the lives of so many children. 

It was also the showcased brand that made my mum reminisce about when my brothers were little, as they had toys from when they were small. 

After a busy and hectic day, where I met lots of amazing people, products and companies, I made me way home with a lot more knowledge on toys. Including a list of ones that even at 27 I want. Barbie, Bluey and LEGO have won me over even more. 

Hopefully over the next few months, I will be able to share with you all even more from the brands at the event. For now though, I am going to be circling the press packs I picked up, like an old Argos catalogue. Let the Christmas list begin now! 

Joey X

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