Young Voices 2023: The Magic Returned On The 20th January


Good Morning Lovelies,

Last night, the world of The O2 Arena lit up, with schools around the country joining forces to take part in the fantastic Young Voices choir event.

Kindly gifted tickets to the event, due to my niece taking part, I was allowed to travel back in time in many ways. When I was younger, being part of our school choir allowed me to take part in the first event. A lot smaller than it is now, the show still stands out as one of the best experiences of my life.

Me and my closest friends stood at the sides, singing our hearts out with the likes of Blue and Beverley Knight. As well as a whole host of schools. Then the next year, we stood at the top, with those magical light shining on us. It made me feel like a queen singing at The O2. All whilst knowing that those in the audience had come to see us.

Still to this day, I have my t-shirt, programme and DVD in safe keeping. Memorabilia that I will take with me wherever I go. Therefore, entering the venue to return to the magical world of Young Voices meant a lot to me.

Finding my place in the audience, I could see the school choirs and happy children all around me. Knowing how they must be feeling, the entire room was a buzz with excitement. No one seemed stressed. Teachers run around looking happy. The kids were amazed by it all and the audience were ready to join in at any moment.

As the lights went up on the choir, I felt that excitement deep inside of me. I was taken back to year eight. When the world was simple and all that mattered was getting the words right. Although, this didn’t really matter. What did and still does, was finding an endless amount of happiness by taking part.

Young Voices remains a magical event for all. If I could get every school child to take part I would. Returning reminded me of so much fun. I know that with the helpful guidance of all who work to make the event possible this will always remain. Whatever age you may be.

The O2 Arena is an iconic venue. Rockstars galore have taken to that famous stage. Yet, Young Voices shows that no matter who you are, you are worthy of your moment in the spotlight. Nothing can prepare you for the magic of it. The beauty of hours spent in pure glory.

Last night has become a memory for not only my niece, but also for me. Seeing her recall the event this morning to all of us, showed me that Young Voices will be a memory in our family forever. I will continue to encourage her to take part as much as she wants to. Those special hours of singing can make all the difference. Including the amount that you find yourself continuously singing the event, even when it is long over.

I am so grateful that Ben Lewis, the CEO of Young Voices, allowed me to be back in the arena where some of my greatest memories took place. It is a memory that I will never forget, remaining in my heart and my head forever more.

Honestly, Young Voices is a timeless event and choir. If you or the young members in your family can take part or see it, definitely do! You will singing about it forever!

Joey X

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