A Pissedmas Carol: The Christmas Show With A Difference


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Charles Dickens may have had a tipple in his hand when he made A Christmas Carol, but I don’t think he would have got as drunk as the members of this modern day retelling. Returning for another year, the Shit-Faced Showtime crew are providing audiences with a chance to see to A Pissedmas Carol, all over again. 

Setting up home in Leicester Square, the idea of the play is to tell the famous story. Yet, the big twist being that one of the cast members is in fact pissed. And they get to tell the others how the story is going to go. 

With the added addition of modern songs, sung in sometimes off key by the cast,  the play lasts for around an hour and 40 minutes. During which you are kept completely entertained. 

Especially when the drunken members stumbles their ideas out onto the cast or in fact just wonders off, having to be dragged back onto the stage by others in the production. 

Unlike anything seen before, this is a production that the whole family may not be able to see, but those that do will love. Swearing, swigging and singing. The perfect mixture for a Christmas delight. There is even shouting, which every family experiences at Christmas too! 

You can capture A Pissedmas Carol at the Leicester Square theatre until the 7th January 2023, so book tickets now lovely if it seems like something you would enjoy. You won’t be disappointed! 

Joey X

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