Get Cosy This Christmas With Textured Lives


Good Morning Lovelies, 

There are moments in life where you simply love something. Something that leads to family fights. This happened in our home only a few days ago, thanks to the brilliant Textured Lives team, who kindly gifted me a gorgeous new throw.

Taking only a few days to arrive, the company had boxed a beautiful camel coloured blanket. Huge in size, so cuddling can be had, it was soft, beautiful and made fantastically. It was honestly the ultimate gift. One that keeps on giving. It was just what I needed, as someone who suffers from Raynaud's Syndrome and Anorexia.

Even though the blanket was light weight, I couldn’t get over how warm it left me. I have recently been using a water bottle in bed, so when I have both this blanket and water bottle, I will not be moved. Honestly, it would take an army to get me to move. 

Priced at £90, I would happily have paid every penny for the product. It’s cosy, soft and absolutely beautiful in colour. Currently, we have placed it in our living room, but it would honestly go anywhere in the house. My mum has in fact claimed it as hers for now and I know that means it will be going in her room. 

The team is super lovely and knows how to cater for every customer. Whether you are looking for something to cover your knees, bed or sofa, they know just what to suggest, including the right colours for you. Even over a few simple emails, it felt like they got me as a customer.

Right now, I am having discussions with my mum on how we can bring more items into my home. For a great price, beautiful quality and a gorgeous look, they are worth every bit of money. I will be giving my home a whole new look in the coming years, after redecorating has been done. 

To find out more, it is best to head to the brands website, where you will be able to see all the checks, items and prices there. Plus, you can find out all about the amazing team and brand, who spend so much time looking after each and everyone of their customers. Get warm and snug this Christmas and winter with a beautiful new blanket. You will love it! 

Joey X

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