The Mitchell’s Vs The Machines Review



Good Morning Lovelies,

Back in the 00s, Pixar and Dreamworks were the animation creators that no one could beat. That has since all changed, as new production homes open and graphics change. Something that The Mitchells Vs The Machines highlights! 

Out now on DVD, Blu-Ray and digitally, the new feature from The Lego Movie creators, Phil Lord and Christopher Miller introduce a new world. One filled with humans fighting machines threatening to take over. 

When Katie prepares to go to film school, her dad can’t seem to let go. Organising one final trip for the whole family, before they are split up, they end up faced with something none of them were expecting. A machine/robot invasion, leaving them as the last family on earth and the ones who must defeat them.

Visually stunning, the film highlights the pairs talent in a way that creators will be inspired by for years. Using colours, creations and characters to build on emotions and the story, there is no denying that the whole feature feels like something you could only dream about at times.

Whilst it is a feature for children, it is more fitting for adults. However, the whole family will appreciate the beauty of it. Charming to the eye of all. Miller and Lord always know what to do to give audiences something fresh and with this story it is incredibly topical but understandable. 

Children will learn about the dangers and the impact machines are having on the way, in a friendly manner. Whilst adults will be able to appreciate the way this has been done. They may even learn something new as well. 

The film is one that will go down as a classic for many. It will be an educational viewing that the whole family will enjoy, appreciate and fall for. A definite must-watch. 

5 Stars

Joey X

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