Star Trek: Lower Deck Review



Good Morning Lovelies,

I haven’t ever really been a fan of Star Trek, yet I do love delving into the odd world of adult animation. Rick and Morty, Family Guy specials and Futurama to name a few. Yet, Lower Deck, the new adult animation based on the Star Trek series changes everything. 

Out now on DVD, Blu-Ray and digitally, the series breaks down the serious nature of the live-action stories. Giving viewers a fun and more interesting watch. One that they can laugh along with, instead of finding the drama so intense. 

Focusing on the supporting crew members on board the infamous ship, new characters are introduced to the franchise. Allowing for a whole new lease of life to be presented to fans and non-fans alike. Plus, with some familiar voices handing over their sounds to audiences, the show is comforting. One to warm you up on a cool weekend morning over a bowl of cereal. 

Whilst it isn’t an animation that audiences would use to introduce young children to the franchise, it is one that will present a new love for it. Fun, creative and fresh, Lower Deck is higher up than it thinks in ratings for sure. 

4 Stars

Joey X

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