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Hey Lovelies,

2019 became the year of Little Women. There was no doubt that when Greta Gerwig released her version of Louisa May Alcott’s literary classic, she did so with elegance, class and the most superb cast you could have asked for. Now out on DVD, Blu-Ray and digitally from today, Little Women is making as big of an impact all over again.

Jo March (Saoirse Ronan) is struggling to make it as a writer in New York. Faced with difficult decisions, she returns home to her family, when she is called to the bedside of her sister Beth (Eliza Scanlen). Looking back on their younger years, whilst all together, the film captures how the pair grew up together alongside their sisters Meg (Emma Watson) and Amy (Florence Pugh).

Entrapped with hundreds of details that Alcott created, the feature is an honest adaptation that everyone watching will enjoy. Even if you haven’t read the classic novel, you will want to know how the sisters came to be. You see the development of their stories, their lives and how the actions of their childhoods impacted them. Even as adults.

The film though also captures the essence of what women want. Both back in the settings of the feature and in modern life. People no longer want to be left in the dark and are making their own decisions. With both good and bad intentions. Something that makes this feature different from all the other adaptations that have come before. It is Gerwig’s knowledge and power as a female director that makes her the right choice and the right person to create such a feature.

Instead of following the timeline of the book, she knows that to give the women the ultimate power, she has to show every outcome. Every moment that they experienced. But in a way, that modern audiences will appreciate. She knows the lines to keep. The words that will stay with audiences for years to come. Scenes that reflect the years gone by and the ones to come. It shows how the adult females have grown and will continue to do so through the power they have obtained. All something that as a viewer in the 21st century you want to see.

Something that is also helped with the brilliance of the cast in which Gerwig selected. Each actress wants to provide their best talents to the story. You can see this throughout the feature. Every power that they are booming across the screen is one that even in real life you know they have.

Altogether, the film is a clever mix of both a passion for the author and the literary works the feature is based on and the power female creators have. It is a pure joy to watch what Gerwig and her cast have created. The enticing nature of the feature will go on to inspire many more filmmakers in the future and rightly so.

4 Stars

Joey X

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