Blogmas Day Four: Get Stuck Into These Games and Toys With Amazon This Christmas


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Hey Lovelies,

Christmas is the perfect time of year to get out a family board game. With everyone around, there is finally enough people to play and a whole load of fun to be had.

After seeing the selection of toys and features they had on offer at their Christmas show, Amazon has been the place for gaming to me. I can’t get enough of them and my family will be selecting from a bunch of them to play this year. Discover below a few of my favourites that you too can get your hands on and play lovelies:

Pictionary Air: Forget putting pen to paper! The new Pictionary Air allows you to use your phone to see what the person is drawing. Loads more fun and without the chance of a family member throwing the pen at your head (little Friends joke here), there are many reasons why this is great for all to play on Christmas Day.

Monopoly with Voice Banking: No longer are the paper notes or credit cards needed. Monopoly has taken the Amazon Alexa and recreated it to store all your gaming money needs. Super easy to set up and use, the new methods mean that more time can be spent playing and less time dealing. Pass Go every time on this board game lovelies.

Owleez: Not really a board game, but one the whole family will be waiting to see come to life. This tiny bird takes a few moments to set up and once ready will fly high in the sky. Make it a game by taking timings from everyone and giving a prize to the winner.

Nerf Fortnite Blaster: Get everyone a Nerf fun and have a blast around the Christmas tree this year. Make the ultimate teams up and embark on a battle to end all battles. Best to do this one before eating all the turkey though.

LEGO Hidden Dimensions Sets: More fun for the little ones or the big kids in your life, forget about building up a jigsaw and make this instead. Once complete, you can use an app to make it come to life. Great for recreating your own LEGO Movie setting.

L.O.L. Surprise! Winter Disco Bigger Surprise: Who doesn't know a little person in their lives who isn't obsessed with L.O.L. Dolls? In our family, there are many people we all know who would go mad for this special surprise, which is exclusive to Amazon this Christmas. Hidden from all, it is going to be a treat for all when finally opened.

Linkimals Smooth Moves Sloth: Working alongside a bunch of friends, this little Sloth dances, sings and lights up on its own and with a crew of other toys. Fun for big and little kids to get stuck into. Especially if you are like my mum, who now wants one after spotting it in our local toy shop.

Treasure X Kings Gold Treasure Tomb: Filled with mini figurines, this little tomb will be spent being played with for hours. Honestly, my niece would have adored this when she was small. I know as well that my little nephew will if he sees it. Gather round and have the ultimate family battle with this golden delight.

There are so many games I could have added, including Santa Banter, which is what we have invested in, but I hope that these will make your day extra special. What will you be choosing to play during the festive season lovelies?

Joey X

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