Blogmas Day Five: Stay In and Get Cosy With My Home Comfort Essentials


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Hey Lovelies,

Home comforts are something I live for. Stick me in a room with a cosy blanket, a good show or film, my laptop or tablet and a warm cup of tea and I’m your lady. There so, when winter draws in, I seek them out like no tomorrow.

Every day, I am wrapping myself up in a cosy teddy fleece duvet cocoon. I get up early just to sit back and relax with my essentials before the day begins. All before finding ways to bring my home comforts out with me to wherever I may be going.

If you’re like me then you will know exactly what I mean lovelies. However, it can be hard and so I wanted to share with you a few ways you can make those places that aren’t your home feel more like it. Get ready to never feel homesick again:

Put Up Motivational Pictures: Whether they be pictures of your family/friends or quotes, putting up motivational items can help spread a lot of cheer throughout the day. I can’t get enough of waking up and seeing some of the powerful messages and wreath that I have in my room.

Invest in A Cosy Blanket or Duvet: In winter, I go mad for a cosy duvet, covered with my fluffy blanket and a whole host of pillows. Whenever you may be, simple pop your cosy blanket in your bag and bring it with you. Just having it to wrap up in will bring a sense of home with you.

Take Your Tech with You: Although many of us go away to escape the world of technology, I have to admit that I take it all with me when I go away. There is something comforting about having access to them for me. I like getting into a hotel bed at the end of a busy day and watching a film with friends or family members I am with. Even if I do end up falling asleep aha!

Pack the Perfect Perfume: When I go away, I like to take a perfume that will remind me of that trip. Then whenever I spray it when I’m not there I am reminded of my time on holiday. At the moment I am carrying around Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker and when I smell it, I always feel soothed. The same can be done with a room fragrance lovelies. Right now, I am spraying every room in my home with Vanilla Latte scented air freshener. When I smell it anywhere else, I instantly feel comforted.

Browse A Warming Read: Unlike films or TV shows, having a book with you when you’re away always making me feel cosy and at home. Piled high up on the table next to my bed, I read them all or look through them. Then when I get home and see them on my bookshelf, I am reminded of the places that they have been to. Something that always makes me happy.

Having just a few little things with you that can make you feel at home is important lovely. We may try to escape it from time to time, but we also need that comfy feeling. I hope that these little snippets help you this winter lovelies. Make sure to share with me what you do to feel at home when you’re not, as I would love to know!

Joey X

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