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Hey Lovelies,

If you are anything like me than the wait for the new Wonder Woman is on. Seeing the return of the legendary figure is what we have all wanted since her first outing two years ago. However, with a while to go until we get that next feature, DC Animated Series has treated us to Wonder Woman: Bloodlines, which will keep us all going until we get it.

With a superb voice cast, including Rosario Dawson as the famous figure, the team behind Wonder Woman: Bloodlines is taking audiences back to the start. Much like the first live-animated feature, we get to see Diana’s origins come to be. Scripted to reflect that of the comics, in an almost identical manner, we see her meet Steve, gather friends and take on villains in the form of Cheetah and Doctor Poison.

For comic or huge fans of the superhero, this is a feature that will bridge the gap. Giving everything, to stick to the comics, DC has tried to make this as true to what fans of the star know. However, it does cause a little dragging on places that could be prevented.

Whilst other DC features have become a little strange recently, this one doesn’t. Wonder Woman: Bloodlines feels more like what you would expect from a page to film adaptation than that of the ones that have come before it. Leaving a little wondering at times as to why it has been made, when Patty Jenkins feature works so well at explaining to us Diana’s story.

Yet, the feature is still a joy to watch. In many ways, it feels like a film that you would have enjoyed with your cereal when little after getting it free with the packet. There is a lot of hyped-up action. A lot of Wonder Woman kicking ass in every way. A lot of expectations for the next live-action film that gets teased throughout. All of which leads to a feature that simply works for just being.

Months to go until we get the new film, this will help to spread the time out until we get it. With not much new to give, there isn’t a whole lot of story added, but it does provide for a fresh take on what we knew in a new setting. One that fans of DC will love no matter what.

3 Stars

Joey X

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