My June 2024 New Food Finds!


Fresh foods seem to scream out to me in the summer! However, I found a frozen hero, a refreshing drink and a hearty honey to make up my list of new foods that I found in June! Containing two pieces that led to one of the biggest challenges I’ve ever faced, this may be my favourite lists of finds this year so far!

Good Morning Lovelies, 

June was a month where I really challenged myself when it came to food. At the start of the month, I decided to do something really tough, which I will explain below, to try and add a bit of a difference to my day. I did end up in tears from it, however, I’m so proud of myself for challenging the norm. 

Below are new foods and even a drink that I enjoyed during the month of June…

Apple & Strawberry Pot From Greggs: Since being in hospital, I’ve stuck to what meal plan they put me on in terms of my snack. A yogurt with a piece of fruit. Wherever I go I take a ready made up pot of them. Yet, when on a day trip to Westfield Stratford, I asked my mum to help me have a snack out. Choosing this pot wasn’t easy but it did remind me of my love of strawberries, which I have started having again now every day. 

Apples From A Market: Every Monday, I normally head to my local Tesco’s to pick up some apples. However, they have been really small or bruised recently. Kindly, my neighbour Archie brought me so perfect apples from his stall. Not being able to see, pick or know what I was getting was a huge challenge for me but one I won. 

Hibiscus Herbal Blend Iced Tea From Starbucks: Whilst also out, I didn’t just brave the Greggs pot. I also had an iced tea from Starbucks that I had never ever had before. It was refreshing after a busy day shopping. I now have a drink I can turn to if I feel brave enough to do so again. 

Rowse Greek Honey: I brought this a while ago, yet, I never got round to d to having it. As I try to use up items in my cupboard, I have been having this on top of my cereal most days. It’s very thick and hearty compared to others, with not as much of a sweet taste, but I really like it. Another honey hero of mine!

Frozen Cauliflower: For a long time, I was scared of frozen vegetables. I hate the idea of them being really watery. However, in June, I braved frozen cauliflower to enjoy with rice and sauce. I roasted it in a roasting bag to bring out a gorgeous taste. Doing this also soaked up a lot of the water as it came out. 

What did you all find and enjoy in the month of June lovelies? Let me know and hopefully we can inspire each other! 

Joey X

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