How To Host A Bluey Themed Party For £10 or Less


I may be turning 29 this year, but there used to be nothing better than a kids party! So, I’ve decided that to make the last birthday I will have in my 20s, I’m going for a kids theme! And I bet you can’t guess which one I’ve chosen! Oh, okay, you’ve got me! Of course it’s Bluey! The ultimate way to celebrate!

Good Morning Lovelies, 

Lots of you know that I am the biggest Bluey fan! I love the characters, storylines and animations. To mark my final birthday as a 20 something, I decided that the little blue dog was going to be the theme of it! Although, I have to say that I am a Bingo fan more myself. 

Setting up a kids party has in fact been super affordable, with decorations being sourced super affordably. I didn’t want to buy too much or go OTT, but I’ve managed to find all I’ve needed for less than £10 an item. And I’ve got some right steals within that. 

I know many little ones will be wanting to have a Bluey themed party too, so I thought I would share some of the bits I got, their prices and where to find them for you all in the hopes to help! It is no longer going to be trifficult dudes…

Bluey Party Backdrop, £6.42, Amazon: Set the scene with this backdrop that will transport you to Australia in no time at all!

Bluey Party Plates, £1.79, The Range: Whether you are having a big kids party or a family affair, these will really make the dinner table pop. Perfect for a picky tea or slice of cake, with minimal mess, as they can be recycled afterwards. 

Bluey Party Balloons, £3.08, Amazon: For 12 themed balloons, these are great to pop up around your home or party destination. Featuring Bluey, Bingo and birthday messages, a game of keepyuppy is sure to be had.

Bluey Napkins, £2, 2 Pound Party: Alongside the plates, a napkin is essential. Use when eating or to go proper old school and wrap a slice of cake in after a party in party bags. 

Bluey Temporary Tattoos, £3.99, Amazon: Add these into any Bluey themed day for lots of fun. Select one first each of the family to wear or cut up and place individually into party bags at the end of the day. Saves t8me and money, as a face painter will no longer be needed.

Bluey Bunting, £1.86, Go International: You can’t have a party without a banner and this double sided one is a true winner. Bluey would be proud! 

I honestly can’t wait until the 14th of July to see what my mum does with all the decorations! I hope to share what I find with all of you lovelies, so keep an eye out for what happened soon! If you were to have a kids party now, what theme would you choose? 

Joey X

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