Spread The Love With LEGO This Valentine’s Day


Good Morning Lovelies,

Valentine’s Day is a day to give your loved ones a special gift! Whether it be a bottle of champagne, a box of chocolates or that perfect piece of jewellery, showing someone you care about them enough to know what they like is key! And that’s why you can’t go wrong with a piece of LEGO! Especially if it comes in the form of a beautiful bouquet of flowers! 

From their new Wildflower set to the stunning Roses bouquet, there is a piece of LEGO love to be spread to all on Valentine’s Day, with these flower sets that will never die. Just like your love for one another! Here are my top five gifts that you just have to spend time building together and sharing the joy with this Valentine’s Day…

Flower Bouquet, £54.99: The original bouquet set, this beautiful pastel creation will bring endless amounts of love and adoration from those you give it to. Spend time building it together and place it somewhere you will both enjoy looking at it forever more.

Tiny Plants, £44.99: Want to spread the love around your home to always be reminded of it? These tiny succulents will allow you to do just that. Build them up and place them in different rooms to give them a tiny spark of LEGO loving.

Bouquet of Roses, £54.99: The ultimate flowers to mark your love for someone. This bouquet will never die like the ones in the shops, highlighting just how much you love someone. An endless love affair will be had when these are gifted. 

Dried Flower Centrepiece, £44.99: Giving off the perfect autumn vibes, this set looks great in the middle of a table. Perfect for when you are having that special Valentine’s Day dinner. 

Wildflower Bouquet, £54.99: Vibrant in colour and size, these beautiful flowers stand out wherever they are placed! They make your heart sore when you look at them. I have my bouquet next to my bed, after getting the set for Christmas, and it makes me smile as soon as I wake up. 

The Botanical Collection at LEGO is one that is truly stunning! I’m very lucky that I can say that I have completed all of the current collection. However, I am hoping my secret admirer will gift me with the Bird of Paradise set if they can find it! If not, I may just have to spend my day building up a new fancy bouquet of my own creation! 

Of course, LEGO have a load of other sets available, so make sure to check out their website to find the best present this Valentine’s Day! I’m sure that whoever you gift it to will be very happy and in love with it! 

Joey X

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