Joey T’s Memory Lane: Take A Step Back In Time With Holly Murray Doodles


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Last month, I introduced the new series, Joey T’s Memory Lane, highlighting small brands and businesses, as the creators and myself take a trip back in time. With love still in the air, I wanted this month’s feature to be someone whose work I absolutely adore. And I’ve found the perfect person! 

After spotting her prints, designs and gorgeous creativity on Instagram, I asked designer Holly Murray if she would be the star this February and she kindly agreed. Creating digital illustrations and custom designs, Holly features daily posts, which are full of positivity, fun and relatable content. The colours and patterns burst off the screen! 

If you are following me then you will often see her posts shared onto my stories because I love her content so much. It’s been so good to read her daily messages for my mental health that I can’t help sharing the positivity with you all. And Holly is just as lovely and positive in this interview and real life too! There so, it’s time to step into our nostalgic time machine to find out a bit more about her…

Let’s begin by letting you introduce yourself to us? Tell us your name, age and the year you were born…

My name is Holly, I'm 32, and I was born in 1991!

Now, let’s step back in time! What year would you love to go back to and relive all over again?

2007. I was 15 and it was the year I really first gained a sense of freedom I think - I got my first boyfriend too. After school and school holidays consisted of cycling with my bff to meet up with friends, at the beach, just hanging out, no responsibilities, not a care in the world, just having the best time of our lives! Everything just felt new and exciting and life was good. Best music too! 😍

Okay, now picture this, you are at school and it’s lunchtime! What foods do you always associate with either your packed lunch or canteen?

Apples. I never ate from the school canteen, always a packed lunch, and for some reason all I associate with my packed lunches are apples! Green golden delicious ones were my fave! 😅 Primary school lunch time memory - I'm certain I had a blue lunch box with a hippo on but I could be wrong 😅 Yoghurt bursting open in those was the worst!

You’ve got to go into your last lesson of the day! What are you hoping it will be and why?

Double art - fave subject, and I even remember it was on a Tuesday at the end of the day! 

Schools over, you have rushed home to watch TV. What are you turning on? Why this show in particular?

One show I remember being excited to get home and watch was Lost when that was on! I remember my parents recorded it on a video, the night before, then we had to rewind it etc, so old school! Younger than that, me and my sis were Nickelodeon kids! 

You’ve reached the weekend and you’re going to the cinema! What film do you remember seeing the most when you were younger? Why is this one such a classic to you?

When I was a teenager and the first Mamma Mia came out - that was a bit of me, that became my happy dvd that I'd watch all the time! Younger than that some personal faves were Toy story, Aladdin, Beauty and the beast, The Little Mermaid!

You are back home and it’s time to play with your toys! What was the toy you most wanted when you were younger and why? Did you get it in the end?

I think the Woody and Buzz from Toy Story my parents got me and my sis when we were younger were a pretty big deal. We always talk about our Sky Dancers too! And we loved a Polly Pocket.

Is there anything you still own from your childhood that you simply cannot bear to part with?

Still have that Woody toy and don't think I'll ever get rid of him! He has a red felt pen stain on his chest, he looks like he's been shot 😅 I also have Scat, a grey TY beanie baby cat that I won't get rid of, with glittery nail varnish painted on his tail. Oh and a dog Tamagotchi too.

What moment in history do you think defined or stayed with you from your childhood? Can you explain why this left such a mark on you?

There's definitely a sad one that's made me the anxious person I am today. But keeping it light - my childhood best friend coming in to my life when I was 8 or 9 was a massive positive game changer for me. I'd never felt like I'd had a friend properly until I met her, we just vibed! And she made me feel like I could be the version of me I wanted to be! 

Finally, would you go back and do your childhood all over again? Would you change anything about it? And how much has it impacted you as an adult and what you do now?

I had a pretty perfect childhood I'd say, I really can't complain. My parents are the best. My sister is the best. And the impact it has had is that I'm so happy and grateful for where I am now. So I wouldn't redo it. However - if I could have it all on video to watch and relive in that sense whenever I wanted - yes that I would do ❤️

Holly is honestly such a kind, caring person, who goes out of her way to share the designs and prints that people long for. Head to her Instagram lovelies to discover all of her content and the ways to get in touch with her. She will help you as much as she can, whilst you help support a brilliant small business! One that will always brighten your day! 

Joey X

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