It’s Time To Praise Your Favourite Businesses In 2024!


Good Morning Lovelies, 

After yesterday’s heavy post, I thought I would come on and give you all a bit of a lighter one. Over the course of the years, I have worked hard to make sure that the blog tries to be as positive as it can be. I’ve worked with some amazing people and companies. Learning how to appreciate the hard work they do along the way. 

I must admit though that I am more likely to file a complaint than I am to write a letter of praise. However, in 2024, I made a decision to change that. I want to support small businesses. I want to write more words of praise. I hope to just be a bit more kinder to all I meet. Because let’s face it, the world is better when we are nicer. 

Having been taking this approach over the last few weeks, I have witnessed and done very easy actions, which I want to share with you all. Here are some ways you can help a company or business in a very good way…

Write A Good Review: It sounds so simple, however, not many of us do this. Go online and leave a nice message about the product, service or person who has helped you. Sometimes you are even rewarded for doing so. 

Reach Out In The DMs: Recently, I’ve been sending direct messages to creators and companies I like or who have made a positive difference in my life. So many people love to hear these messages, so it feels a lot more personal. I’ve even made friends by doing so. Some who will be appearing on the blog soon! 

Send An Email: After completing a meal out last year, I sent a message to Kelloggs in January thanking them for making a product I felt comfortable having. They were so thrilled to hear from me that they sent me some vouchers to help me have the meal again. I was amazed! Not only were they thankful for my message but also so supportive. It made me feel really valued as a customer. 

Follow Them On Social Media: If a brand or person has really caught your eye for the great work they do give them a little follow. The more support they have, the more they appear in searches. The more they appear, the bigger they will become. All of which leading to greater rewards for all. 

Tell Your Friends: Passing the message on about how good a place, person or item is can be really beneficial to everyone involved in the making, creating or selling process. My love of nostalgia has been passed on a lot over the years. Just speaking about a brand to others can help support it. Especially if they are a small business lovelies!

I know these are probably so simple, however, I know, myself included, it is easy to forget to do them. We are so much quicker at writing a letter of complaint than praise. Let’s change that this year lovelies and bring a bit more joy! So, which brand have you been loving recently? Let me know! 

Joey X

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