Christmas 2024 Monthly Preparations - What We Have Done In February


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Every month, I am trying to prepare for the big day, which will be here in just ten months time! Christmas will always be the winner of the festive calendar for me, so being prepared and planning for it is really helping to keep the joy alive.

In February, I have already made a big step in being prepared for the holidays, whilst saving a ton of money. Here are a few things I have done to get ready for Christmas 2024…

Marked in my diary when the train slots should be released first Christmas 2024. Booking earlier allows for the best prices to be found. As well as the best seats! 

I have created a box which has everything we need in it for the big feast on Christmas Day. Hopefully, we will be away for it this year, with plans to go to my brothers. However, this doesn’t mean that we haven’t started getting the dinner table prep sorted still. In our box to take to his, we have brought crackers for 19p a box, packed table cloths, napkins and paper plates we never used in it to use this year and sourced Yankee Candles to place around the dining room for only £1.80. 

The 2024 Christmas dinner has already begun being prepared. For just £4, my mum got a turkey in the sales. She will be having that when we return from my brothers, storing it away safely in the freezer until then. 

Our big toy donations have already begun being prepared. This year, we are going to be making the items instead of buying them to help cutdown on costs. The idea we have come up with is really lovely I feel. I’ll reveal more nearer the time. 

I feel like we have been really productive this year so far in preparing for the big day. I’m actually wishing away the next 10 months to get there aha! Have you already started planning Christmas? What have you done to help get ready? 

Joey X

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