Blogmas Day 24: Christmas Eve is the Best Day of the Year! Fact!


Hey Lovelies, 

Whenever I think about Christmas, I always feel like Christmas Eve is really the most magical day of the season! It’s a time when the food is started to be prepped. The presents are placed under the tree. TV channels put on the best films and everyone is getting excited about the visit from Santa later that night! 

In some countries, I know that Christmas Eve is celebrated bigger than the actual day. A fact that I truly love. Christmas Day is incredible too, but for me, it comes with a hint of sadness. Once the day is over that’s the celebrations done for another year. 12 whole months to wait again. 

Whereas with Christmas Eve, you can still celebrate and have all the excitement. I love spending the day either baking up festive goodies at home or out watching people do the last minute dash around the shops. It’s also the perfect time to prepare for the Boxing Day sales. 

I can recall so many times that I would stay up on Christmas Eve waiting to hear the sounds of Santa. I would never make it till morning, yet, I always think that my mum knew to make little noises to make me believe. 

It’s a magical day and for that I will always love it! Bring on tomorrow, however, right now, I am going to enjoy my Christmas Eve box, whilst snuggling up in new PJs and embrace the calm before the storm! Who else is with me?!? Christmas Eve you truly are the best day of the year!

Joey X

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