Happy Halloween 2023 Lovelies!


Happy Halloween Lovelies! 

I wanted to come on here early and wish you all a spooky day today! I hope you all have lots of fun celebrating or staying cosy if you don’t enjoy it lovelies. Today isn’t for everyone, my mum included, so just be kind and do what you have to. 

If you are out celebrating, I hope you get lots of treats and have plenty of fun. If you are spending the night at a party, dance the night away for me. Whilst if you are spending it, like me, watching something scary then grab those pillows tight. I would really recommend Scream as a must-watch! It’s a classic after all! 

Ultimately though lovelies, I hope that you have a great Halloween with lots of fun and laughter involved! Oh, and just a little word of warning! Like Cinderella at midnight, when that clock chimes, its full stations go on the blog and in real life for Christmas! However, we will sort that all out then. For now, enjoy this scarily good Halloween treat of a day! 

Joey X

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