Get Ready For The Colder Months With My Easy Tips


Hey Lovelies,

September is the perfect time to start getting your home ready for winter. With the cooler temperatures about to set in and snuggly season about to begin, I honestly can’t wait! 

For me, autumn and winter are the seasons that I come alive. If I see a pumpkin, I will scream with excitement. When I spotted a Christmas tree last month, I had to buy it. I’ve even been planning an event on my village for the festive days ahead since around May. I can’t get enough of it! 

Yet, there are also the boring jobs that need to be done too. Checking your home and preparing it before it gets really cold is essential. From heating to blankets, making sure you have everything ready will mean that those nights spent in in front of the TV can be enjoyed even more. 

So, it’s time to get stuck in and sorted with these five essential September must do’s…

Check Your Heating: Although we may still have some sunny days ahead, checking the heating before it is needing to be used is key. Even if it is just an electric fire, you should make sure to dust it off, whilst also removing any air that has got into your radiators. You should also get your boil checked if you can lovelies. 

Insulate Your Home: Making sure that all your pipes, roof and walls are probably insulated is key to helping the warm air stay indoors. A simple check around the house can help you save lots of money, especially when it comes to roof insulation, which when applied well should last for up to 40 years. Also, make sure to insulate your pipes, as it means that the hot water won’t freeze or burst, which can be costly!

Draft Proof Doors and Windows: After spending time insulating the house, you really don’t want it to go to waste through drafts in doors and windows. Check local charity shops for draft excluders. Head to your local DIY or even a pound shop to get window sealants that can prevent the cold air coming in. Whilst you are able to still have the doors and windows open to remove any chemical flames, this is an essential step. 

Be A Person of Contact or Sign Up For Programmes: As someone who is vulnerable due to my ED, I am part of the special scheme that makes people aware of power cuts and the list available to them. My mum has had an Act of Kindness bag for a number of years, which provides hats, scarfs and all your winter essentials to help stay warm and dry. There are so many schemes that can help you during autumn and winter to beat the chill, so make sure to sign up to them before it is too late. 

Get A Flu Jab: Every year I sign myself and my mum up to get the flu jab, due to our vulnerable statuses. Taking only a few moments, the jabs hardly hurt at all and I often forget I’ve had it done after about a day. Yet, not suffering from the flu is worth every ounce of getting this done. Sign up now and get yours as soon as you can lovelies! 

Other ways you can prepare for autumn and winter lovelies include…

  • Meal Prepping Comforting Meals
  • Checking Your Car is Winter Ready
  • Call or Text a Vulnerable Person to See if They are Okay
  • Check Your Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms
  • Hire A Chimney Sweep to Clean Your Chimney Before Winter
  • Buy Warm Clothes, Bedding and Blankets if Needed or Find the Ones from Last Year
  • Sign Up for Winter Bills Financial Help

I hope this helps you all lovelies and that you just as excited as me for the snuggles that are about to be had! Bring it on! 

Joey X

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