Dolma Perfumes Are The New Brand You Need In Your Life!


Hey Lovelies, 

Perfume is my biggest pleasure in life. I adore it so much that I can tell what someone is wearing, the brand and scent, just by them walking past me. In my room, I have a whole drawer dedicated to the stuff. So, when I find out about a new brand, I am interested. 

Spotting Dolma Perfumes on Twitter, I was quick to reach out to them to discover more. Kindly, the team offered to send me a number of samples to test what the fragrances were like and I am so impressed. 

Measured out into small bottles, I got a fantastic parcel full of tester of every scent the brand makes. From the woody First Rain to my personal favourite Imagine, which is for men but I would happily use it, the team has made a smell to suit every single mood for both men and women. 

Made using 100% vegan ingredients, the cruelty free brand, is a sustainable and ethically great creator. Upon open each bottle, I was hit with endless gorgeous smells that lasted for ages. Over the course of the past few weeks, I have tried those smells daily and many have had compliments said about them. A huge confidence booster if I do say so. 

Although the samples were small the impact they made was massive. I would confidently tell people about the brand when asked and was proud to support a small business. They were not one I had heard of before but seeing the praise the smells got made me happy to encourage others to discover them. 

Their main aim is to become a leading fragrance brand that helps to save the planet. One smell at a time! Something I really want them to achieve. With such amazing smells like these, they honestly deserve to be up there with the best of the best. 

Since trying the brand, I have found myself wanting to now build up a collection. I’m going to make sure to ask for a bigger bottle when Christmas comes around in fact. I need the full size Imagine bottle in my life. Something I will make happen. It truly deserves a place in my perfume cabinet. 

With aftershaves available too and lots of great fragrances on offer, Dolma Perfumes, will be a brand that once you smell or try it you won’t forget. It is honestly incredible and I wish them all the best! Head to their website now lovelies to help them if you can. If you do, I promise you will not be disappointed! 

Joey X

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