Discover The Perfect Three Ingredient Coronation Trifle


Good Morning Lovelies,

Tomorrow is the big day! The Coronation is finally upon us and to celebrate, I have a very exciting and easy trifle recipe to share with you all. 

Made with only three ingredients, you can prepare this in hardly any time at all, meaning you can dish it out quickly throughout the weekend. Whether it be for breakfast, lunch or dinner, a trifle is a must when it comes to a good old fashioned British celebration. This recipe proves it…


  • 835g of Canned Apricots (In Juices)
  • One Cup of Custard
  • 200g of Vanilla Sponge Cake


  • Tin Opener
  • Trifle Glasses X4
  • Spoon
  • Measuring Jug
  • Mixing Bowl X2
  • Knife


First, grab four individual trifle glasses or similar shaped glasses that the trifle can be placed into. Set to one side.

Grab your tin opener and open your apricots, draining but saving the juice from them for later. 

Slice each apricot half into small bite size like pieces. Place to one side in a bowl. 

Taking your cake, cut into small squares or pieces. Place into another bowl and soak in the apricot juices. The sponges shouldn’t go soggy, so work quickly to stop this from happening.

Grab your trifle glasses and begin to layer your sponge mixture, custard and apricot pieces in to them. They should all be even, but don’t worry to much if not. 

When ready, place a few slices/pieces of apricot, if you have some left, onto the top and chill in the fridge until you are ready to enjoy them. 

This recipe can be adapted to include any fruit you want lovely, so enjoy it in lots of different ways. You could even use berries, dye your custard blue and add the sponge to make a Union Jack flag like effect. The possibilities are truly endless! 

What recipe will you be making this weekend to celebrate? 

Joey X

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