Wrebbit 3D Have Made The Ultimate Friends Toy This Year!


Good Morning Lovelies,

Friends is one show that I can watch over and over again. I can quote it. I am named after one of the characters. I simply love it to pieces. There is not an event in my life that isn’t affected by it.

When it comes to Christmas and birthdays, I am often given a present featuring something to do with it. It is very much safe to say that I am a huge fan. Therefore, when I went to the Toyfair in London, back in January, I couldn’t get enough of the Wrebbit 3D puzzle that was on show. 

Instantly, my eyes and heart soared seeing it. I called my mum over to see it. I started making plans to add it to my birthday wish list. Even planning on buying it earlier than July, because I couldn’t get enough of it. And that was from only seeing it in the box. 

After getting a fantastic demonstration of how the puzzles come together, I was even further hooked in. The 3D creations are foam based, with simply instructions to make. The foam design allows for easy slotting together and dismantling if you need to do so. However, when you make one of these puzzles, you never take it apart, you show it off. 

Kindly, the team sent me a Friends one to try and when I stopped sharing the beauty and joy of it with all in my home, I got stuck in. Made up of 440 pieces, I opened the easy to access box to find the foam fragments not in a bag. The only downside to an oversize fantastic present, as I worried I may have lost some bits when a few fell out upon opening it. Thankfully, I didn’t and so me and mum got going on the task at hand. 

Easy to find the right pieces, we worked on the base, before moving onto the apartment structure. Having the base in place made this a quicker process and with two of us working away, it wasn’t long before we were halfway done. Yet, we did decide to leave it to the next day to continue, due to tiredness setting in. 

Waking up the following morning, I couldn’t wait to continue the build though. It was only halfway done and I could see that it was going to be a thing of beauty. Again, it is something you display. 

When we finished later that day, I had to take a step back and marvel in it. I loved it even more. I loved it with my whole heart. I wanted to take it round to friends and neighbours houses and show it off. I’m so impressed that I can’t help but smile at it when I walk into the room it is in. 

Wrebbit 3D have created a number of amazing puzzles based on films, games and TV shows. Each one super impressive. From Downton Abbey to Game of Thrones, they are a company making models and fun for all. Literally, there is something for the whole family to get stuck in with. I know for a fact that if they ever make a Disney castle, me and mum will be on that like a shot. And probably my little nephew too! 

Definitely take a look at their website lovelies to see what creations they have! You will not be disappointed! I honestly can’t thank the team enough for this beauty. It has taken a very secure pride of place in our home forever!

Joey X

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