Where Is Your Real Home? For Me, It's This Place...


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Do you ever feel like you need some TLC in your life? A little bit of relaxation! Well, I can tell you all now that I am definitely in need of it. After a very unfortunate holiday, which led to us coming back a day early, I have been scrolling and searching every break website you can imagine. 

This year, I really want to go back to either Ireland or Disneyland Paris. The choice is one that I keep switching between. I honestly feel like my heart and my head are at war. Dublin and Disney. Where do I go? Mickey or Guinness? Pluto or Parnell Street? Oh, I simply do not know. 

Every time I search around for the latest deals though,  I do realise and know something. I have realised that when I fall in love with a place, I fall hard. Dublin is my dream home. I have always said I want to live there and one day I hope that will be the case. Even if it ends up only being a week long habitation. To me, I will have lived there for a week. 

And that is what this post is really all about. I don’t believe that your home, the one you live in all the time, has to be your real home. It can be a dream. It can be a holiday home. It can be a destination in the middle of nowhere. If your heart and soul loves it, it is your home. It is the memories you long for and achieve. It is yours. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that it isn’t. 

Home for me has been an apartment above Temple Bar. It has been an hotel in the middle of Disneyland. It has been a semi-detached house in Hertford. A caravan in Clacton. A stay in Sicily learning about my dad’s heritage.  It has been the places where memories have been made and continue to be loved. I want to know lovelies, where is your real home? Where does your heart call for? Let me know! For me, Dublin, I think I may just have to see you soon!

Joey X

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