March: The Month of the Magazine


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Normally, I share with you all what books I read in March. However, this month, I found myself falling back in love with magazines. As part of my library service, they have a great app called Libby, which allows you to read all of the latest magazines for free. They do also have a service for newspapers called BorrowBox, but I don’t really use that one. 

When I was growing up, I loved magazines. They were kept pristine and only certain people could look at them. They held memories and moments for me, as they were a real treat when I used to get them. Sneak, the Sabrina and S Club 7 subscriptions and then Sugar and Company ruled my teenage years. 

As I have grown up (aha), I have now found a love for all magazines. I believe it is the journalist in me. Cosmopolitan, The Simple Things, Glamour, Vogue, Woman&Home, Good Housekeeping (especially at Christmas!) and so many more are what I enjoy reading each month. 

Even cooking ones such as Olive, Delicious and BBC Good Food/Easy Cook keep me enraptured. So, these are what I have been reading this month through the app. Something I have really loved. 

All of the magazines help me to get my writing mojo back and I hope one day that I can do some freelance writing for many of them. They keep me entertained and I hope that you can use your library services to find free simple moments of joy with them too. This was Hertfordshire library by the way, but I am sure many libraries across the country and world will have their own apps or services you can use. Simply pop in and find out lovelies. 

What was your favourite magazine growing up? Or now even? 

Joey X

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