My January 2023 Monthly Favourites


Good Morning Lovelies, 

January can be quite a bleak month for many of us. I often find myself in a bit of a sad state, as the end of Christmas is experienced. Yet, I try to overcome this, by celebrating what the new year brings. Fresh memories, experiences and life choices. Even when all we really want to do is hibernate under our duvets. 

The month wasn’t too bad for me in the end, with some amazing moments standing out amongst the crowd. I read six books. I watched lots of good TV. And I found myself falling for even more honey delights. Discover my January 2023 favourites below: 

My Favourite Book: Taste by Stanley Tucci - Stanley Tucci is one of my favourite actors and I adore his TV series exploring Italy. Having wanted to read this book for a while, my mum kindly got it for me for Christmas. As someone from an Italian family, it made me want to head off to the gorgeous country and explore. Especially my dad’s hometown of Sicily. Filled with recipes and history, you won’t be able to put it down.

My Favourite TV Show/Film: The Apprentice - If you know me, then you know I wait all year round for this. I absolutely love it. Don’t ask me why, I just do. Sir Alan Sugar and his team actually get me to stay awake, when I would normally be dozing off. I haven’t got a favourite yet, but I think Dani is really standing out amongst the rest at the moment. 

My Favourite Food Find: Aldi Set Honey - Honey is probably one of my favourite foods ever. I will try any kind, which is really good for me, considering my condition. Aldi do a fantastic range and their set honey is honestly delicious.  I spread it all over a New York Co. Bagel and put it with apples as well for a delicious dinner. Plus, at only £1.35 a jar, it is a lot cheaper than most honeys. 

My Favourite Beauty Item: Epimax Cream - Sometimes, it is the less than pretty side of the beauty world that makes a whole host of difference. Suffering from Raynaud’s, plus with the added elements of anorexia and anxiety, mean that my body is always cold. Freezing in fact. My hands take a lot of this, changing colour, from red, white and purple. Even ulcerating, which they have done badly this month. Thankfully, this cream is fantastic at helping to soothe it. 

My Favourite Podcast: The Therapy Crouch - Searching for a new podcast, I found it in Abbey Clancy and Peter Crouch’s new therapy podcast. Telling everything as it is, this podcast is funny, honest and at times a little bit brutal. A great listen whether on the go or snuggled up at home.

My Favourite Experience: The Toy Fair 2023 - January can be a bit of a sad month, with the loss of Christmas, for me and many others. Yet, the annual Toy Fair brought a lot of joy into my life at the end of January. Seeing what could be big over the year and during the next festive season has got me so excited. As you all know, I am a big kid at heart, one who got the Bluey family for Christmas, meaning this event made my whole month. 

What made your January special lovelies? 

Joey X

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