What I Ate In January 2023! Plus My Newest Food Favourite...


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Last year, I started writing about what I was going to be eating each month. And you lovelies really seemed to enjoy them. So, why stop doing something that you enjoy? For me, it allowed me to reflect on foods I had tried and actually praised myself for things I never thought I would have again. Due to my condition, I struggle a lot to change foods or meals around, so for me to have been able to have done that on a few days this year already is a big thing. 

Whilst it may all seem similar, I hope you can see some of the changes I have made this month. To highlight what is new, I have made the foods red and bold lovelies. Tuck into my latest food adventures...

  • Monday: Asda Stuffing with Sweet Potato and Brussels Sprouts (Christmas reminded me how good they are!).
  • Tuesday: A Together Tea - Last year, whilst having a heart to heart with my mum, she said she would love to make us a meal that was the same or similar. Whilst, I’m not fully able to have the same things as her, we now try to have a meal that is the same or very similar once a week. This is a huge thing for me, as my head doesn’t like change and coming up with ideas is hard. So far, we have had rice pudding and a pearl barley risotto, made in the slow cooker. 
  • Wednesday: New York Bagel Company Plain Bagel with Aldi Set Honey and an Apple.
  • Thursday: Gnocchi with Uncle Ben’s No Added Sugar Sweet and Sour Sauce and Vegetables.
  • Friday: New York Bagel Company Cinnamon and Raisin Bagel with Aldi Apricot Compote and Vegetables.
  • Saturday: A Surprise Tea - My mum will normally have a takeaway of some sort and so I will normally come up with a tea I want on the day. Another hard day for me, meal wise, as again it is hard to pick, but I try my hardest. 
  • Sunday: Homemade Air Fryer Potato Crisps with Sauces and Vegetables.

There are actually quite a lot of changes there, which I surprised myself with. I have been trying hard recently to try and think of new things to add into my diet. Some have been terrifying and I have had moments of panic attacks and tears eating them. Yet, I try my hardest to keep going. 

My newest favourite food find is: Aldi Set Honey - It is so good! Using it on the plain bagel reminds me of a glazed donut. Plus, the amount I pay for it is a lot less than other brands I have tried. At £1.20 for a jar, it is a cupboard staple now!

What have you all been enjoying lovelies? 

Joey X

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