Go Big and Bold With Paperchase’s Tree Decorations


Good Morning Lovelies,

If like me, you cannot wait to get the decorations out. This year, I have had to reign myself in a little, however, this weekend that will all change. The tree will be coming out and everything will be placed upon it. Including some incredible Paperchase decorations. 

We don’t have a theme for the tree in our home. The more the merrier. The weirder the better. Even our tree topper is different, being a sloth and all. There so, when I saw the Paperchase decorations at The Christmas Press Show 2022, I just couldn’t wait to have some of them on our tree. 

From dinosaurs to retro fancies, there is a bauble for all. Kindly, the team gifted me a selection. Something I was truly grateful for, as I wouldn’t have been able to have picked out my favourite. 

Upon opening the box I got, it was like a lucky dip for me and my mum. Taking it in turns to carefully unwrap each bauble, we found ourselves greeted with a gorgeous flamingo, covered in lights. A Dairylea Dunkers type decoration. A margarita, which may make the tree a little tipsy. Some holy guacamole baubles. A pink retro lava lamp. And finally a working from home Santa, who looked seriously chilled on his sofa, with some pizza and his laptop. 

Automatically, I was in love. I wanted to get my tree out there and then. I was desperate to show them off. I even went onto the Paperchase website to find more. I’m telling you all now that those six are not the end of my new collection. 

For me, being different is fab and Paperchase are helping everyone be so this year. Classic meets modern throughout the range. All in a perfect way. To find your newest one, head to their website. You will definitely find that they leave a smile on your face after looking at them. 

Bring on the tree! 

Joey X

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