Blogmas Day 21: Forget The Presents, The Best Gift Is You!


Good Morning Lovelies,

Christmas has this idea or brings with it the idea that you have to constantly be on the move and in a rush. However, I don’t believe this. You don’t have to go to all the parties. You don’t have to buy or find a gift for everyone. You simply have to stay as happy and as healthy as you can be. Whether it is going to bed early, having a relaxing bath or dancing around the living room to Christmas songs. Doing what makes you you is more important than anything.

Writing this, I am currently witnessing my mum go a little mad, as she tries to sort out the house. Yet, I am reflecting on where I was this time last year. In a hospital, having my head glued back together, after a fall, caused by an incident on the bus, with a serious concussion leading to me having to rest in bed.

It wasn’t how I wanted to start Christmas 2021. It wasn’t how my family wanted to spend it either. It was something unexpected that we were faced with. It did however make us stop for a second and realise that the most important thing was just being together. Being happy with each other. Being a unit.

Whilst all of my family wasn’t there, we always celebrate together. Phone calls, Facetimes and messaging makes us connect in ways that food and presents don’t. For that reason, I am grateful for the people around me. Not the items or the decorations (although I love them!), just the people. My mum especially.

Therefore, I wanted to say that whilst it may seem like all of this matters at this time of year, just be reminded that people are the most special aspect. And resting, relaxing and renewing yourself in this stressful time is too. Don’t forget to look after you. It is the best present that you will end the year and start the new one with.

I promise! 

Joey X

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