Scent Your Home This Christmas With Quiet Blue


Good Morning Lovelies,

Many of you will know by now that I am a sucker for a candle. Whether they are big or small, they will be lit all year round in my house. From fruity summer fragrances to cosy spiced winter finds, I adore them. So, when I discover new brands I have to have a try. To let you all know about them to of course! 

Creating gorgeously stylish planet friendly candles, soaps and diffusers, all of which available in beautiful gift sets, Quiet Blue are a brand hoping to change the impact we are making on the planet. 

Created with ethically sourced soy wax, they team sent me some gorgeous scents to try. Including a wonderful box set of three scented candles, all a rich mix of smells, as well as a wonderful choice of two soaps and a beautiful diffuser. All gifted to me in a wonderful hamper box. 

Starting out with the candles, instantly you could smell the wonders of them. Sliding across the white packaging of the three small candles gift box, I was alerted to the lush zesty, fruity and strong scents each one held. All becoming more intense as I burned them. This led me onto the bigger candle within the hamper. 

Due to its size, the smell was even stronger. Going from one room to another. In fact, whilst burning it, someone who came to our door said our home smelt amazing and wanted to know what I was burning. Something I was happy to tell them. 

As for the diffuser, we placed this in our bathroom. Making for an even more relaxing time whilst showering or having a soothing bath before bed. Again, the smell was strong and we loved how much it filled up the room.

With smells like this floating around my home, impressing many, I was eager to try them on my body next. Gifting my mum the lavender scented shore based soap, I tried the maple and cinnamon scented creation. 

Like Christmas in a soap bar, it made my whole body feel gorgeous and the smell stayed on strong enough that I didn’t need to wear my perfume on the day I used it. My mum had a similar experience, yet she used the soap more at night time to help her unwind before bed. A successful task in fact. 

Both of use were amazed at the quality and smells of all the products. When it comes to Christmas, we always enjoy a toiletry and these deliver something luxurious but at a great price. Starting from around £9 and going up to around £42, they can seem pricy, yet they are totally worth it. I would happily gift these to my nearest and dearest. Especially my mum, who seemed a whole lot calmer after her experience with the soap. 

Take a look at their website lovelies to find more smells and products. The Sicily one is definitely on my wish-list next, as my family are from there. Bring it on! 

Joey X

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