Got An Unwanted Gift? Here Is What You Can Do With It


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Got some unwanted presents? Not sure what to do with them? Then now is the perfect time to do the following or one of them and help to make them wanted again. Of course, it is always lovely to get a gift, but sometimes they simply don’t feel your heart in the way they are meant to. 

Don’t feel bad for thinking this lovely, there are lots of reasons why this happens. Sometimes you do love the gift, but you can’t use it for medical reasons. Sometimes you love the gift but you just have no space or use for it. Whatever it may be, you can always ensure that there is something that can be done with them. Including…

Donate To A Charity Shop - Some gifts are too good to let go to waste, so why not donate it to charity and allow it to lighten up someone else's home. I always like to give items to charity when I can. Not only does it do good, but you can feel happy knowing the gift is making someone else happy.

Re-Gift To Someone Else - Obviously not the person who gave it to you, but if you know or have an event coming up and need a present, then this is a great way to save money. The person can receive a lovely gift and you can keep a few pennies in your pocket doing so. 

Sell It - Sometimes the best way to get rid of an unwanted gift is to sell it. Making money, another person happy and not letting the present go to waste is a winner for all involved. 

Repurpose The Item - If a gift isn’t right as it is, then you can always change it. Maybe you only like one of the smellies in a beauty bag. Use the products and make a homemade pamper kit for someone else. Maybe a piece of clothing isn’t the right design. If you can make clothing changes, then adapt it to suit you. There are many gifts that have more than two lives. Put your skills to the test and change them to suit you lovelies. 

Change The Present - Worst comes to the worst, you could always ask the person who gave it to you if they still have the receipt. If so and they are okay with you changing the gift, then you could take it back and change it for something you would like better or have chosen. That way their money isn’t wasted and you can get a gift you truly want. 

I don’t want people to think I am ungrateful, but sometimes a gift just isn’t right. Therefore, it is okay to do one of the above to change it. Wasting is worse I believe. Do what makes you or others happy. 

Joey X

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