Blogmas Day Eight: Make Your Own Christmas Jumper With These Easy Money-Saving Tips


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Christmas jumpers are a must! Every day of December, I must wear one or something festive to help get into the big spirit of the day. Then on Christmas day, I have a special one I buy each year or a Disney Spirit Jersey that is my favourite. 

Yet, it can be costly to keep buying a new one each year. Especially, if you want to have a matching family set. Therefore, I have come up with a few tips to help you save money and make your own creative ones. They will be one of a kind for sure. 

Iron On A Homemade Image: Got a computer with an art programme on it? Head to it and get creative. Then buy some iron on paper and add it to some cheap tops or jumpers. You will save a lot of money and make something that no one else will have. Perfect for pictures!

Use Decorations To Make A New Jumper: Found that you have a few leftover decorations laying around? Buy a plain jumper or top and glue or sew them onto it. You will not be disappointed. The tackier the better. 

Do A Clothes Swap: Know others who are in the same situation as you? Organise a local festive clothes swap. You could find a whole host of items that will make your family super happy during the festive season. All whilst helping others at the same time. Nothing goes to waste either. 

Take Pen To Clothing: Buy a pack of fabric pens and place them on a table with plain shirts or jumpers, then let the family go wild. They could draw family portraits on each one. You could make it a competition even. Once complete, wash and iron to secure the print, then wear and keep as a yearly reminder. 

Cut Up and Keep: Have loads of festive pieces and know how to sew? Why not take what you own, cut them up and sew them back together to make a new piece. You could even use the scraps from the cut up clothes to wrap gifts or make other festive decorations such as bunting and quilts. 

These are only a few ideas, but I hope that at least one of them can help you get a new festive fancy whilst saving money. I will definitely be trying to get my family to do the portrait idea, as I think it could be really funny. 

Joey X

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