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Hey Lovelies, 

Sunday nights are always the perfect time to catch up on the latest shows. With so much time on our hands though, it is easier now than ever before. As we seek sun and adventure, ITV has delivered it to us in the form of The Good Karma Hospital, which returned for a fouth season earlier this year, before landing on DVD and digitally from today, including an exciting box-set edition with all the series so far featured.

With the entire cast back, including Amanda Redman and Neil Morrisey, love, medicine and trauma is at the heart of the show. As the team joins forces again to help save the lives of the locals, they are faced with their most traumatic experience yet, as one of their own gets caught up in a horrific acid attack. Dealing with the aftermath of the assault and their own personal issues, the series has stepped it up big time when it comes to its storylines.

There has always been something about the show that reminds you of old classics like Where The Heart Is and Wild At Heart. The joy that the cast has in bringing to life the characters can be seen throughout each episode. They know and have acknowledged the modern issues people are facing and the yearning they must get it right for them.

The Good Karma Hospital may not be a building people will want to visit, but the characters, cast and storylines will be the thing to draw you in. A good cure for a troublesome time, this is genuinely the series that your doctor will order you to prescribe to.

4 Stars

Joey X

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