Blogmas Day 14: Snuggle Up This Saturday With The Gift of WoodWick Candles


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Hey Lovelies, 

Candles are my biggest love at the moment. I’ve begged for the After Sledging one by Yankee Candle for Christmas. I had to stop myself from going mad in TK Maxx at their festive selection. I’ve even stocked up on some winter ones and a Halloween jar for next year.

So, when WoodWick messaged to ask if I would like to try one of theirs, I couldn’t wait. Known as a triple candle, the team sent me the gorgeous Mountain Trail Triple candle to sample.

At first, I was a little bit worried. I’m not normally a fan of the green candles on sale. I find them too earthy and musky, which doesn’t satisfy my scent tastes at all. Yet, this candle has changed that. With a really fresh smell, it is like breathing in summer air. That feeling of going out for a nice sunny walk in a daisy filled field.

Alright, I will stop now, before it becomes a bit too much like A Sound of Music opening scene like. However, I do really love this candle. One big reason on top of the smell being the sound it makes. Perfect for winter, it crackles like a real log fire. Great if like me and our house if you have a fake electric one.

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Scent, sound and look are all thought about with the WoodWick brand and I love that. There isn’t a part within it that hasn’t been thought about and they have made sure that the user’s experience is a good one. With the triple candle different smells come through at different times. All without ruining the sounds of the fire burning. The wick is recyclable as well and the lid fits it perfectly.

Although it might not look good with the rest of our decorations at the moment, when January comes, I will be burning this every evening I have the fire on to reflect the sounds. Then I will burn it in preparation for spring and the fresh air smells it reflects. If it lasts until summer, which from the size of it I think it will, I will then burn it until it can burn no more. All whilst looking up and finding other WoodWick brands to try.

As a new product, I really like the triple feature and the triple senses that the candle uses to enjoy it. It is a candle that has a lot of heart and I am going to be gifting them this Christmas as much as I can.

To find out more about WoodWick lovelies, head to their website or look out for them in stores around the world. You will not be disappointed I promise!

Joey X

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