The Dark Crystal Blu-Ray Review


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Last year whilst looking around Netflix, I decided to watch Labyrinth. Combing my love of weird characters and David Bowie, I was amazed by the feeling it left me with. I needed and wanted more from the mad world within the film!

There so, when I was told about the re-release of The Dark Crystal, which is out today on DVD, Blu-Ray and digitally, I knew I had to get stuck in. Directed by Jim Henson, the man behind Labyrinth and produced by Star Wars’ very own, Frank Oz, the film looks into the dark crystal. An object that presented balance and truth to the world the characters live in. Upon it being destroyed, the world is split into two – one filled with the evil Skeksis and the other with the kind and peace-filled Mystics.

As the three suns surrounding the worlds are about to converge, a young man called Jen must decide whether to heal the crystals or not, whilst also fighting to destroy the Skeksis’ empire. It is a battle that could end horribly, but one Jen takes on no less.

Filled with bonus features, the film has a brand-new sense of worth that will compel modern-day audiences. Fans of Labyrinth, who haven’t seen this will fall head over heals at the mythical beings featured and the sweet nature of Jen, who reflects a similar nature to Luke Skywalker in the film.

Henson makes each shot and focus point show the abnormal figures in his films to make them attach to the hearts and minds of audiences. Whether it be close-up scenes on Jen’s face as he tries to decide on the fate of the worlds or the wide pans of the evil Skeksis’ filled areas, highlighting their looming dominance, the film appeals to adults and children. It hypnotises their worth to the story in many ways in fact.

There is only one problem with the film though and that is that it lacks the charms of Bowie. Of course, the film has nothing to do with his character, but it feels like a film world in which he should have been in. He would have made the stars, script and scenes shine brighter for it.

It is no lie that this film has been left in the dark, but now it will finally get its moment in the spotlight. Characters will become family names. Henson features will fill more homes and his catalogue will become wider, with more releases following this one I am sure. And that is why there is no darkness in the ratings for this film.

As I am giving it…

4 Stars

Blog Soon, 
Joey X 

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