Here Are My 2018 Academy Award Winner Predictions


Good Afternoon Lovelies, 

Tomorrow marks the big night! The biggest film awards show of the year has finally arrived! I am super excited, you are super excited and my TV is super excited because tonight it will play host to my favourite time of the year, OSCAR night!

While the stars are getting ready, the stage is being set and the world is putting on parties, I thought now would be the perfect time to share my predictions for this year’s ceremony. There are a few awards that I have found hard to decide on because you just never know with the OSCARs, but I hope I have got most of them right and that you agree with me…

Best Picture Prediction: Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri looks like it is going to win big in this category.

Best Director 2018 Prediction: It is going to be a tough one on the night, but I think Guillermo Del Toro may just scope this one. Even though I would love Jordan Peele to scoop it!

Best Actor 2018 Prediction: Bringing the award back to the UK, Gary Oldman looks set to win big on the night.

Best Actress 2018 Prediction: France McDormand deserves this award and after a successful award season, it seems very likely she will be taking it home.

Best Supporting Actor 2018 Prediction: Sam Rockwell has been scooping up the trophies and it looks like he will be taking home an Oscar at last.

Best Supporting Actress 2018 Prediction: She hasn’t lost yet, so it looks and I hope like Allison Janney will be winning the trophy on the night.

Best Adapted Screenplay 2018 Prediction: Call Me By Your Name was a film that left many of us in ruins and if it doesn’t win big on the night, it will be doing the same to all of us again.

Best Original Screenplay 2018 Prediction: Get Out or Three Billboards deserves to take this award home, as both were completely new ideas for cinema goers.

Best Animated Feature 2018 Prediction: Coco needs to win this one! A beautiful bright film deserves a beautiful bright award.

Best Documentary Feature 2018 Prediction: I will admit I haven’t seen any of the films in this category, but from what I have heard, Icarus looks set to win.

Foreign Language Film 2018 Prediction: Loveless looks like it is ready to take home the Oscar.

Best Live Action Short 2018 Prediction: Again, I will admit I haven’t seen any of these, but from everything I have heard The Silent Child looks set to win.

Best Documentary Short 2018 Prediction: Traffic Stop is going to win big on the night. I have a feeling about it!

Best Animated Short 2018 Prediction: Lou is the sweetest Disney Pixar short we have seen in a long time. Kids and adults can enjoy it and learn from it, which makes it a clever award fixture.

Best Visual Effects 2018 Prediction: No one and I mean no one can say that visually Blade Runner 2049 isn’t stunning. With CGI content, you could only dream of, the team behind this film should win.

Best Sound Mixing 2018 Prediction: A tough selection, but I think either Dunkirk or Baby Driver will take home the award on the night.

Best Sound Editing 2018 Prediction: Again, another hard selection, but I also think it will either be Dunkirk or Baby Driver will take home the award on the night.

Best Production Design 2018 Prediction: The Shape of Water pushes the production designs to the max and the team behind the stunning final look really do deserve the Academy Award for it all.

Best Original Song 2018 Prediction: If This Is Me doesn’t win this, I think we should all go marching in to the Oscars like they do in the film until it gets it.

Best Original Score 2018 Prediction: Dunkirk left chills throughout my body with the music featured in it. It is the sound that makes the film in so many ways and this is why it should being home the academy award.

Best Makeup and Hairstyling 2018 Prediction: After completely changing the way Gary Oldman looks, the team behind Darkest Hour deserve to win this. It took them three hours a day, so I think Oscar would like living with them.

Best Film Editing 2018 Prediction: If you haven’t seen Baby Driver yet, go watch it! Then come back and agree with me that it needs to win this award.

Best Costume Design 2018 Prediction: Phantom Thread has some stunning designs, but I would love The Shape of Water to win this for its historical pieces.

Best Cinematography 2018 Prediction: Dunkirk or Blade Runner 2049 has got this award in the bag!

Who do you think will be taking home the awards tonight? Let me know on the comments below or on Twitter and Facebook! 

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