Call Me By Your Name Blu-Ray Review


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When I first heard about Call Me By Your Name, I got the sense that it was a film that was going to emotionally destroy me. Based on the best-selling 2007 of the same name by André Aciman, the film captures a gay love story that will leave your heart reeling until it bursts with every feeling inside being ripped out.

Directed by Luca Guadagnino, the man behind A Bigger Splash, the film captures Italy during the 1980s, as two young men meet for the first time and fall under each other’s charms. Elio (Timothée Chalamet), a 17-year-old teenager, lives with his family in the Italian countryside, where he spends times exploring the world with his friends and creative parents.

His world is everything you would expert until he meets the older Oliver (Armie Hammer), a student of his father’s who comes to stay with his family as a summer intern. A person who to Elio looks like the sculpted gods that his father has brought Oliver over to explore. Their attraction is instant and most of the first half of the film is spent wishing for the pair to finally exclaim how they feel. Something that is bittersweet when finally announced. Discovering their bond, ties and relationship throughout the rest of the film, the six weeks covered changes not only Elio’s life but yours as a viewer.

Guadagnino’s exploration of the book has made Elio and Oliver’s story an instant classic. For years to come, people will turn the pages and the scenes over in their heads, as the beauty of the Italian countryside, mixes in with the beauty of first love. First moments of getting to know someone. First moments of understanding life and what everything we feel really means. As the sun sets and begins each day in the film, a new piece of the jigsaw is placed together and as days become one, there are moments so intimate that you feel you will never see them again.

All of which makes it truly transfixing as a viewer to see, as the attention to detail, even small ones, leave you feeling breathless at times. Superb casting, especially from Chalamet, means that as you learn of what they are going through, you can feel with them. And throughout the film, there are many times when you feel the same things as them. A key example being the end scene, in which Chalamet’s Elio is sitting crying by a fireplace. You want to sit with him, hold him and shed the same tears for the loss and pain he is experiencing, even when surrounded by others basking him in love.
It is a cleverly crafted script and incredible leading from Chalamet, who lead this film in fact.

Moments of pure silence are broken by moments of pure revelations. From the innocent conversations with Elio’s father, who reveals his own gay relationship as a teenager, to the gentle readings from his mother that mean more, Chalamet brings his character to the forefront of the film to lead, feeling not so much as an actor but like he is giving us something real. Something he could have truly lived. An innocence that only comes from growing up. His performance shines like no other and has earned him many well-deserved awards for doing so.

Call Me By Your Name not only manages to capture Italy in one of the most peaceful and beautiful ways it has ever done, it manages to tangle up its story into the scenery as well. As characters build, so does the views and the world around them. Yet, as the world tumbles so does the natural features surrounding Elio and Oliver’s love affair. A mixture that produces the perfectly ripe fruit at the end of it.

All of which earning it this…

5 Stars

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Joey X 

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